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The Columbusite's Christmas Light Tour Guide 2023

We’re back! Just in time to take in the most festive neighborhood lights around. Grab a hot cocoa from one of your favorite local coffee shops and follow along with our Google Map Columbusite Christmas light tour guide for an evening that is sure to please all ages! Our route will also guide you past some unlisted treats along the way like a large tree decked out in lights at the corner of Meadowview Drive. Below you can also find a festive Spotify playlist to soundtrack your trip. Merry Christmas, Columbusites!

  • 1000 Broadway

  • 2000 Hilton Ave

  • 2854 Lynda Lane

  • 2715 Lynda Lane

  • 2626 Habersham Avenue

  • 3629 Dunhill Drive

  • 4500 Forrest Road

  • 5784 Ironstone Drive

  • 5753 Springhill Avenue

  • 900 Arapaho Ct

  • 766 Sweetbay Parkway

1000 Broadway

The perfect central, festive location to kick off the evening! Check out this year’s row of decorated Christmas trees by various local businesses and grab the new special drink at Fountain City called the Mr. Bean available for a limited time during the holidays! Or head over to Ironbank for a yummy hot chocolate. 

2000 Hilton Avenue, New!

A fun, new addition to the list this year brimming with blow-ups! A unique array of blow-ups includes a birthday cake and so much more. You’ll have to let us know what your favorite was. 

2854 Lynda Lane

This lit-up school bus is always a crowd-pleaser! This year it's back, only in white lights lights instead of color. Linger a while in this neighborhood because there are many other lights to be enjoyed. 

2715 Lynda Lane

Lights, blowups, this house has it all! Any Despicable Me fans along for the ride? They’ll get a kick out of the larger-than-life minions and colors galore. You can also spot Santa in his sleigh, Mickey Mouse and so much more!

2626 Habersham Avenue

Lights and a show! Tune in to 94.9 and enjoy watching elves toss presents over your car as well as Santa himself perched on the chimney. This one is really a feast for the eyes; take your time here. 

3629 Dunhill Drive 

This one is great for any Disney fans out there as you can spot multiple Mickey and Minnie blow-ups among this fun display. Amongst the fun is Santa forgoing his sleigh to ride a dragon!

4500 Forrest Road

This house is all about the larger-than-life blow-ups! A Happy Holidays blow-up welcomes viewers, and we especially love the adorable pups donning Santa hats! You can even spot Santa and the Grinch here as well as a hard-to-miss lounging giant snowman.

5784 Ironstone Drive Returning Favorite! (The Ludy's!)

Back for what they are stating to be their last year, The Ludy House is a spectacular light show synced to music. The display features over 500,000 lights and is definitely not one to miss. Simply tune into 90.1 and enjoy the show.

900 Arapaho Ct

You’ll see this house shining through the woods before you even arrive! Candy canes line this festive driveway and you can find Santa forgoing his sleigh for a hot air balloon. Trees are wrapped in colorful lights for a bright, festive look. 

6715 Audobon Drive, New!

New to the list this year, this house is decked out in colorful lights. It’s also towered over by probably the largest snowman blow-up we’ve ever seen. 

5753 Springhill Avenue

A Columbus classic! The amount of lights in this area is pretty impressive and extends throughout the whole neighborhood so slow down and make a loop. Light displays are especially colorful and packed with fun details that will make you want to slow your speed for a lap or two around the block to enjoy the views.

766 Sweetbay Parkway Hamilton Ga

A bit further than our other houses, but well worth the journey. You won’t want to miss this spectacular light show set to music. Rain or shine the show starts at 6 p.m. and lasts until  9:30 p.m. Monday- Thursday, and 10:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday. Tune radios to 101.1 fm to hear the music! Don't block driveways, park on lawns and park on the side with the cones or up past the house. Check out their Facebook Page, for more info!

Love this guide? Kindly share it with your friends and help us spread some holiday cheer this year! ◾️


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