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This Award-Winning Recording Studio Live Streams, Records and Produces More than 300 Concerts Each Year

Last week, Columbus State University recognized a number of students and student organizations for their impact throughout the city of Columbus. Among those honored were students in the Schwob Music Recording Studio, which live streams, records and produces more than 300 concerts a year.

"Student organizations and campus engagement programs allow Columbus State students to create community and find their people,” said Dr. Melissa Dempsey, assistant dean of students for student engagement. “Both allow students to connect with others who share their same interests and passions, as well as gain valuable leadership skills, experience through volunteerism and a broad network through social and community programs.”

The annual awards are given in recognition of the numerous ways students and faculty go above and beyond to provide services throughout the city – most of which are not widely-known. The Schwob Music Recording Studio is a great example of this. The organization has produced Grammy-award nominated albums and has a number of performances by interntionally recognized artists in its massive library of recordings.

The Schwob Music Recording Studio was the recipient of this year's Outstanding Teamwork & Collaboration Award. The impact of the students' work is expansive, but the Studio is not something most individuals are aware exists in Columbus. Thanks to the work of the students and their Professor Dr. Matthew McCabe, the school's highly-impressive seaosn of concerts are shared througout the community, and will be preserved digitally for decades to come.

"The Outstanding Teamwork & Collaboration Award at Columbus State University recognizes two or more registered student organizations or department organizations that embody the elements of successful teamwork, collaboration, and quality programming that benefit Columbus State University and/or the greater Columbus community," said a respresentative of the University.

In addition to managing such a massive workload of recordings each year, the Schwob Music Recording Studio also provides technical support for lectures, classes, performances and other school activities. To learn more about the organization, click here.

Presented in partnership with Columbus State University. Read more about all of the student leadership awards given at CSU's recent ceremony here.


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