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RiverCenter Produces Online Arts Education Resource for Families

This week, RiverCenter for the Performing Arts published a new educational resource for teachers and parents who are assisting students in online education of children affected by the COVID-19 school closures. The resource, hosted on their website, features numerous arts projects from RiverCenter’s Teaching Artists, as well as local and national arts resources.

"We are privileged to work with and support some of the most creative teaching artists in the South – many we have presented in local schools," said Rick McKnight, RiverCenter's Education Program Manager. "One of the missions of RiverCenter is to provide arts education opportunities for our school children and teaching professionals. This is a curated list with every presentation being vetted."

McKnight's list of resources are fun, but they're also educational. "Almost all are connected to curriculum standards," he explained. "Our hope is that teachers and ‘parent/teachers’ will find lots to use here during this time."

Though RiverCenter's stage has gone dark due to COVID-19, Executive Director Norman Easterbrook said that it's essential for RiverCenter to continue meeting the needs of local families.

“Both parents and teachers are searching for new ways to make education exciting for kids, especially now that teaching has moved from the classroom to the kitchen table,” said Easterbrook. “RiverCenter’s Teaching Artists have shared many artistic lessons and projects through the links on the website, ranging from juggling to puppetry, that are linked to curricular elements, such as the scientific study of centripetal force with juggling or exploring literature through puppetry. Our Teaching Artists have vast experience in the classroom and are experts at engaging young minds.”

RiverCenter's hope for the list is that will be shared throughout the community and beyond. "Please feel free to share this resource with others and let us know what you think," said McKnight. "This is an ever-evolving list so check back often and please let me know if I can help you in any way."

RiverCenter's resource guide features lessons and activities with:

Ron Anglin Barry Stewart Mann

Claire Ritzler Toma the Mime Sietske Johnson Dave Holland Jed Dearybury

Noelle Friend That Puppet Guy Center for Puppetry Arts

RiverCenter's local list features free printables, activities, and virtual tours from organizations such as:

Artbeat Coloring Books

Historic Columbus 'Our Town Coloring Book'

Columbus Public Library (24/7 Access to Online Materials)

Columbus Museum's Virtual Museum for Kids

Bo Bartlett Center's Narrated Videos by Bartlett (Geared toward High School) Youth Orchestra of Greater Columbus' list of Free Music Education Resources

Joe Mills' list of Children's Authors Doing Read-Alouds and Activities

Columbus Dinner Divas' Online Cooking Lessons for Kids (Free!)

Najee Dorsey + Black Art in America Fine Art Coloring Activity


Contact: Rick McKnight, Education Program Manager, RiverCenter for the Performing Arts

Cell: 706-575-8900


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