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Q&A with Lulie Wallace: Featured Artist for Clement Arts' Poets, Painters, and Storytellers

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

Written by Blake Blackmon

Images courtesy of Clement Arts

From her timeless, ever evolving paintings to her brilliant textiles, Lulie Wallace is an artist who continues to challenge herself. She tackles new mediums and subjects consistently stating, “I want my art to be a challenge, to hopefully evolve for the better, and I think it is a privilege to be in my studio and to be a part of creating something that I love.” Her latest project? Wallace will be the featured artist for Clement Arts annual Poets, Painters and Storytellers event taking place Friday, October 1. Below, learn more about Lulie and her involvement with this special event.

Q: I love this quote in your bio “I want my art to be a challenge, to hopefully evolve for the better” where do you think this mindset has led you recently?

A: Every time I come into my studio I'm just excited to be here, and I get excited about what I’m doing. Recently I think that mindset has led me to the realization that part of improving is taking your time. The thing that I feel I’ve learned to best improve my art is to go slowly and not rush through something.

When I was younger and I was painting, it was more to-do list based and now as I get older I feel like the only way to improve isn't just to keep going in the same direction you're going as fast as you can. Take a breath and take your time. Which sometimes means take a break, it could mean taking a break between series and not painting as much. But I do think it's crucial for improvement.

I really do love changing up the subject of what I'm painting. If I revisit a type of painting that I've done before, I find myself getting into the familiar groove of something I've already done. It's really fun to try a different subject because you're building the structure of the painting completely differently from anything you’ve done. It’s a new challenge, it’s nice.

Q: You’re the featured artist at the upcoming Clement Arts Poet’s Painters and Storytellers event. As a busy mom and artist I know you have to choose wisely where to invest your time, what was it about this event and organization in particular that drew you to be involved?

A: I just think the people behind it and what they're doing is amazing. I really believe in what they're doing. The organization is also associated with the church I go to, Cross Point Church.

I also like the unique artist set up of this event. I feel like at a lot of events where you're one of a lot of different artists that are contributing to something. It’s neat when one organization asks one artist to say we’re not asking a ton of people but you have the chance to really make an impact on our evening. It’s such a neat opportunity. I love the way that they are inviting one person to really make an impact.

Q: Why is it important to you to use your gifts in a philanthropic way?

A: When you say that, that’s really what it is. It is a total gift that I can paint. I definitely think it's important to use what the Lord gave me as a gift to do something good for other people because I didn't earn it. It’s a blessing to be able to go into my studio and paint and it's super neat to have an opportunity to do something cool with it that makes an impact on others in a positive way.

Q: Clement Arts has this great quote on their website “we believe the arts provide a beautiful means of creating a story of mercy,” do you feel like this holds true?

A: People being able to create is huge; it definitely is for me. I’m thankful for it as an outlet. I feel like so much of what we do is so technology oriented, and the arts allow us to step away and reset, kind of like being out in nature. I feel like especially for kids art is just so cool in the way it can provide peace and an opportunity to dissconnect and focus on what's in front of you. So, yes it definitely holds true to me and I think it’s great and important.

Q: You’ve extended your medium from paint to wallpaper and even textiles among other products, what was it like to make that transition? Do you have a favorite?

A: I love both mediums equally. Both the textiles and the art. The part that I'm loving about textiles is you have more control because a lot of it is done on the computer. I feel like with paintings there's not as much control and you evolve painting to painting. With textiles, it's fun because you can manipulate it to the exact image you had in mind. Whereas with painting, it's never going to end up exactly how you imagined, but thats part of the fun of it.

Q: What kind of art can we expect to see at the event? And what inspired this particular subject?

A: I'm going to be doing my angel series. It feels like an appropriate subject. I love doing them.

I remember I watched a documentary on Matisse. He had these neat robed figures, I think they were line drawings of priests. I feel like what I do with my art often is take pieces of a bunch of things that are inspirations and mesh them together to make them my own. It's always fun when you get something that looks completely different from that little bit of inspiration.

Im really attracted to something very simple. The way I approach art now is not too detail oriented. I think Matisse takes simple lines and makes them something incredible. I'm definitely attracted to that in other people's art. Its like how do you take something simple and transform it into something amazing?

Q: Why did you choose to feature the angel series for this particular event?

A: They have a timeless quality to them, but also they generate cool stories. Out of all the series I’ve done I just love how they have the most personal meaning to people. We just get the best stories from them of how they meant something special.

Q: What are you expectations and hopes for going into the event?

A: My goal would be that I use my gifts and influence to promote what they're doing. My hope is whatever I do can go back and support them in the best way possible. ◾️

If You Go:

What: 2021 Poets, Painters and Storytellers

When: Friday, October 1 at 7 PM

Where: Crosspointe Church, 2301 Airport Thruway Tickets: Click here!


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