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'Playing for Good' An Artistic, Philanthropic Concert Produced by Might As Well Records and The Loft

Formed from a passion for live music and the local community, Might As Well Records is taking its next step to organizing its first large concert series “Playing For Good” in collaboration with The Loft. I was able to discuss this exciting endeavor with drummer and one of the founders of the record label, DB Woolbright.

So tell me the story behind Might As Well?

Might As Well Records is comprised of Jesse Shelby, Evan Collins and myself. We have been playing music for the past couple of years together and decided to start meeting every Tuesday night to work on music and have fellowship with each other. Most of those nights end with us talking about and dreaming of how we might be a positive influence on the Columbus, GA, music scene. After one of our nights of music, we were having this conversation with each other and we decided we should put a name to our group since we were recording together and helping other people produce music. That’s how Might As Well was born.

It’s less about just making and recording music. We really have a vision for it to be more like a movement. We want to be able to support local musicians who might not currently have a way to put out music or need people to play on their record or may just need a little nudge in the right direction. Might As Well Records is really a vessel for fostering the music community in Columbus.

What is your mission?

Our mission is to support local music in Columbus and give a platform to musicians who might not have a platform currently. In each of our separate careers, Evan, Jesse and I are all in roles of service to people. Jesse is an educator at True Spring Academy, Evan's becoming a mental health counselor and I work in education as well with the Springer Opera House. So I think that really informed our vision that everything we do with Might As Well is to be in service to the community in some way and I think that ties into our upcoming concert which benefits Mercy Med.

As you mentioned, you're giving back to Mercy Med with the profits of this concert, why was it important to you guys to give back through your music?

Evan, Jesse and I constantly talk about how music is therapeutic and how it brings joy and goodness to our lives. And that leads us to wonder how can we use music as a vessel for good in our community? One way is just playing music and making a joyful noise, but then if we’re able to generate a little bit of revenue how can we give back to the community? Mercy Med is a great organization for sowing into our community, so that was just a natural decision.

Tell me a bit about all the artists featured that night, what can people expect?

We’ve got a great lineup! Opening the night is a band from Phenix City called Clarke led by frontman Rick Roper and a killer band of musicians. They meet every Thursday night to play music together and they have a catalog that's very deep of original music.

Next in the lineup is going to be the Shelby Brothers which consists of Jesse and Hank Shelby. That band is going to be backed by myself and Evan as well as Ivey Roper.

Colin Manskar who is originally from Columbus, GA, but is now in Decatur, GA, will take the stage next. He just came out with a completely original album that was produced in Columbus by Justin Belew of Bibb City Sound. That record had me on drums and Evan Collins on bass and that was the first project Evan and I worked on together. Thats’ really how we connected. It's a great album and we’ll play a number of songs off that record that night.

And then closing out the night is local singer-songwriter Garrett Lee who is a fantastic songwriter, vocalist and all-around musician. That band is backed by myself on drums, Evan on bass and Cody Preston on guitar.

You collaborated to produce this show with The Loft. Tell me more about that.

Buddy Nelms and his team at The Loft are providing the venue and helping us produce the show. Buddy is entering his 30th year with the Loft, it was established in 1992 and Buddy’s vision for local music in Columbus runs deeper than Might As Well. He had the vision to create a live music venue here in Columbus. So this is a fun way to celebrate the 30th anniversary and that progress. Buddy and his team are wonderful to work with and what they are doing just, in general, is really great for our community.

What are you hoping for the future of Might As Well?

We hope to continue producing events much like our Playing For Good event. We’ll continue to produce and create music as Might As Well. And continue to grow an audience for live and original music here in Columbus, GA. And fostering new artists and young artists in any way that we can.

Interested in attending and showing your support for this new charitable concert featuring local musicians? Details below!

DATE: May 21, 2022

TIME: Doors at 6:30 Music at 7:30

LOCATION: The Backyard at The Loft


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