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La Garita Restaurant & Bakery

There are a plethora of great restaurants in Columbus. Some are well known throughout the region while others are some of our cities best kept secrets. La Garita Restaurant & Bakery falls under that second category, which is not to say that they aren’t kept incredibly busy by soldiers from Ft. Moore and others in the know. I found out about it because my husband was waxing poetic about the Cuban sandwiches he used to get at Millie’s before they closed to a friend's mom and she informed him that there was, in fact, another place with an incredible Cuban sandwich on freshly baked bread that he could get from a little place of Ft. Benning Road. He and a friend went the very next day for lunch and brought me back half a cuban. I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I have now been back several times and I’ve decided that it is my moral obligation to spread the good word about this special little place.

For your enjoyment and edification I returned to La Garita with the hopes that one of the owners would be available to chat before scarfing down my favorite sandwich in the parking lot like a raccoon. Fortunately for me, they’re always in! I got to chat with  Federico Veguilla, part of a husband and wife team while he was working the register. His wife, Janet Martinez, and daughter, Janice Veguilla were preparing the food in the kitchen.

What inspired you all to open La Garita and how long have you been in business? 

It was my wife’s childhood dream to open up a restaurant here in the states. We started selling kabobs in 2016 every Saturday and in June 2022 we opened up La Garita Restaurant & Bakery.

What are a few of your favorite things on the rotating menu?

Cuban Sándwich, Arroz con Gandules, White rice and beans, Mofongo bowl, beef and chicken empanadas and our homemade pastries.

What does an average work day at La Garita look like for your family?

Our days start at 3am to make fresh bread and pastries. We also make empanadas in house. Then we start cooking lunch and prepare fresh sandwiches for our awesome customers.

What are your hopes for the future of La Garita?

I would love for my daughter to continue the business and share our authentic Puerto Rican food in Columbus Georgia for years to come. 

Is there anything in particular you’d like Columbusites to know about your business and family?

When we first came to Columbus we really missed Puerto Rico. After months of living here in Columbus we heard about a business named Millie’s on South Lumpkin rd. When we first stepped in the business it took me back home. Millie’s was a Puerto Rican restaurant, bakery, and grocery store. 

Me and my family are so blessed to be able to create a home away from home to all the soldiers and their families who also missed Puerto Rico when they come to this great city we call home.





1230 Fort Benning Road

Columbus, Ga 31903


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