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5 Reasons We Love Nonic at Highside Market

The new Nonic at Highside Market is OPEN and we were fortunate enough to be invited to their soft opening this month. Since then, we've been back a total of three times and tried a lot of the things on their initial menu. Here's our first impression and 5 reasons we love this new local hotspot in Columbus, Georgia!

1 - The Ambiance

Nonic's new location is gorgeous. From fine art to fresh botanicals, every detail has been meticulously articulated to create an environment that's decidedly sophisticated but approachable. Our favorite thing? The dichotomy between the two different floors that intentionally function as different spaces. Not sure what we mean? You'll just have to go check it out for yourself!

2 - The Food

We've tried multiple things on the new menu at Nonic, and we haven't had anything we didn't love. Here's a list of the things members of our team has tried so far and can wholeheartedly recommend to you:

The Parker House Rolls

The Cornbread

The Tuna Crudo (Our favorite appetizer.)

The Mac & Cheese

The Mushroom Gnocchi (The lemon & caper sauce is unique and delicious.) The Short Rib (A table favorite!)

The Nonic Burger with House Cut Fries (get the spicy ketchup!) The Chicken Sandwich

The Peach Cobbler

The Banana Bread Trifle (Easily our favorite dessert in town right now.)

3 - The Drinks

Enjoy old favorites like the New Fashioned or try one of their new creative cocktails. Prefer a brew? They have 24 different rotating beers on tap!

4 - The Rooftop Bar

If you need us this summer, we'll be in this gorgeous space hanging with our people. Currently, the rooftop bar is beverages only but eventually word has it you'll be able to get appetizers as well. The space is dog-friendly, has incredible bartenders, and has quickly marked its territory as the chillest rooftop spot in town. There is a occupancy limit, so go early or call ahead to see how things are looking. Have a dinner reservation? We were pleasantly surprised to learn you can grab a drink to go (ask for a sticker) and walk around Highside Market while you wait for your table to be ready.

5 - The People

We've appreciated the team behind Nonic, Jarfly, and Maltitude for a very long time. We can say with full transparency we've never had a bad experience at any of their properties and continue to be impressed with the quality of service we receive each and every time. This new development is no exception. Be prepared to be wowed by the hospitality of their team from start to finish.

When you visit, don't forget to tell them hello for us and send us a note about what your experience was like! We hope you enjoy this beautiful new restaurant and rooftop bar in town. ◼️

Images by Carrie Beth Wallace and Edna Richardson


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