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Introducing: The 'Columbus Sites' Series

Columbus is made up of many wonderful neighborhoods, but it's hard to argue that Uptown (the area expanding from the Chattahoochee River through the Historic District and now, beyond) isn't a major hub of what makes our city so attractive to newcomers. Revitalization efforts over the last several decades have led to Uptown's developing a renaissance of culture and community that has brought new life to an area of the city that was once considered dangerous and dilapidated.

As is often the case, growth in one area promotes growth in another. As Uptown has grown, it's also encouraged further expansion and developments in other key areas of our city like MidTown, Bibb City, Old Town Columbus, and more. Even just last week, Columbus saw the opening of a new art gallery that was founded to support growth and development in one of our community's most impoverished areas. Yes, revitalization is everywhere, and it's led to our city growing faster than ever.

What does this mean? As Columbus and its surrounding areas continue to improve and expand, interest in visiting our community is trending upward as well. And now, many of these visitors are choosing to stay for good. Real estate is booming, and the rental market is as well. Developments are shooting up all over town, and they're being built to house visitors and new residents of this place we call home.

It is our joy at The Columbusite to serve as the primary resource on local arts and culture, but we would be remiss if we didn't also work to create a well of information on the different areas of our community that make Columbus what it is. Our desire is to provide as much information for residents and visitors to our community as possible, and that means taking the time to develop an accessible source residents and visitors can return to again and again.

After many requests from readers and visitors alike, and after much deliberation on our part, we're proud to introduce a new series called Columbus Sites. It is our desire to provide you with resources to return to and share with visitors to our city. Why? Because we've seen firsthand the impact that accessible, positive information about a community can have. And we're here to continue this trend.

Stay tuned for our Columbus Sites series. We'll be compiling guides to each area of town including local favorite restaurants, art galleries, coffee shops, vendors, night life locales, and more.

Anything you'd particularly like to see included? Leave us a comment or email us here and let us know!

Columbus Sites


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