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Headed to the CSO? Here are 5 Things to Know Before You Go!

The Columbus Symphony Orchestra has reached the half way point in their Spring 2021 season. The modified run of concerts marked the ensemble's return to the stage after the COVID-19 pandemic forced them to shut down mid-season last year. If you've been considering attending one of their concerts at RiverCenter for the Performing Arts, here are 5 Things to Know Before You Go!

1) They're adhering to the safety protocols set by RiverCenter for the Performing Arts.

The RiverCenter spent the better part of last year researching safety protocols for venues in a COVID world. They've implemented strict guidelines and protocols that reflect not only the CDC's requirement, but requirements from across the performing arts industry as well. Expect to have your temperature taken and receive hand sanitizer before entering the lobby. Once you're cleared, the ushers will escort you to your socially-distanced seat where you'll be encouraged to remain for the duration of the performance. After the final applause, expect to remain seated until an usher releases you to exit the building.

2) The orchestra may look different from the audience than you might remember.

The CSO is focused on the safety of their audience, but they've also put in the work to ensure their musicians can perform safely as well. Expect to see all string players in masks, wind players playing behind plexiglass screens, and everyone who's not playing the current selection to remain masked and off-stage. Everything has been thought of, including the omission of an intermission so that the players are not on stage longer than a certain amount of time. Safety is the top priority, and you'll see evidence of that from the front door of the lobby to the back wall of the stage.

3) The repertoire has been specifically chosen by Maestro Del Gobbo to accommodate the orchestra's need for social distancing.

Typically when you see an orchestra playing, it's all hands on deck - or rather, on stage. Not this season. In an added effort to protect the orchestra's ability to play socially-distanced from one another, Maestro Del Gobbo intentionally programmed music that required fewer instrumentalists to perform. You can read more about that here.

4) You'll see local artists being featured as soloists.

In previous seasons, the CSO has been known to bring in featured soloists from all over the world. Luckily, the talent in ColumbusGA is so good that they have been able to program internationally-renown locals to feature this season. Last month, the featured soloist was Henry Kramer. This week's featured soloists include Boris Abramov and Sarah Park Chastain, and on May 23 cellist Wendy Warner will perform solo with the orchestra.

5) If you can't attend in person, you can purchase a live-stream ticket!

Not ready to be back in a concert hall just yet? Try out the CSO's new live-stream ticket! Guests can buy a live-stream ticket and receive a digital link to watch the concert within a few days of the performance. It's the perfect way to enjoy some classical music at home with your family or close friends. Click here for more information and select 'Digital Broadcast' under concert tickets. ◼︎


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