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Editor's Note

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

Life is messy. Gritty. Difficult.

So today, in lieu of my usual January editor's note, I wanted to write to simply acknowledge the fact that things are still incredibly difficult for so many in our midst right now.

The events of the last ten months (and especially the last week) are wearing on all of our hearts. And while it might have been easier to just glaze over reality and continue with our normal content, it's simply not who we are as a team.

We are real people behind this brand, and we never want to give an impression otherwise.

Every day, by choosing to subscribe to our content, we know you're allowing us into your lives. In just a little under three and half years, The Columbusite has grown to receive more than 400,000 views annually, and while we're thrilled to be reaching so many on behalf of the arts in our community, there is a responsibility that comes with having an audience.

Because of this, there are a few things I wanted to be certain you've heard from our team as we enter into the new year together.

First and foremost is that while we cannot solve the many issues our world is facing, we can and will hold space for the collective loss the last ten months have thrust upon our community. As we make plans to create content for you, my team and I are keeping reality front of mind. We are many things as a team, but one thing I hope we never appear to be is tone deaf.

Second, with COVID numbers at an all-time high in our area, we understand you might not quite be ready to commit to planning ahead just yet. Honestly? We aren't either, and we know that in the current landscape, flexibility is key. Success happens where preparation meets opportunity, and it's our job to ensure you're as prepared as possible when things turn back on fully again.

And finally, we are committed to continuing to share the important role the arts have in our lives. It's been scientifically proven that the arts have tremendous benefits on our brains, our emotional wellness, and on our communities as a whole. Now more than ever, we're proud to advocate for the arts in Columbus, GA and beyond. Things might be quiet, but we need the arts in our lives every day no matter what's happening all around us.

So whether you're feeling elated at the news of loved ones receiving the vaccine, or defeated by the continuous reel of heartbreaking news each day, we want you to know that we're with you. It is our hope that our work might provide a bit of respite to you as you continue to navigate this season of life. We are looking to brighter days ahead. We can't wait to sit in the audience with you again soon.

Ever onward, together.


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