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The Collective: Sally Bradley

Updated: Jun 8, 2018

At The Columbusite, we believe in featuring local artists and their work. It is our hope that through The Collective Series you will find people and resources to connect you with living artists and their work.

Sally Bradley

Sally Bradley is a Columbus native who specializes in translating experiences into images through paint. The imagery captured in a memory fascinates her, and inspires much of the work that she creates.

In her Artist's Statement, Bradley describes the notion of memory that inspires her and the way it translates into her work.

"A portrait sitting, model session or period spent in the landscape is essentially experience, a period of time spent observing the world.  Paintings are a record of that experience and a notation of a finite period of time.  As with memory, extraneous information is discarded and the essence of the moment is retained.  Bradley uses paint to explore the joy of observation of the human figure, and the world around us."  -Sally Bradley, Artist Statement

A lifelong learner, Bradley holds three different degrees from various universities across the southeast. She received a Bachelor of Arts in painting from Wake Forest University, and a Masters of Art Education in Secondary Art Education from the University of Georgia. She then moved to Savannah to study painting again where she received a Masters of Fine Art in painting from the Savannah College of Art and Design.

After the Breach 2013 Mixed Media 110" x 54"

Bradley's love for education has led her to teach others as well. She is entering her third term teaching at Columbus State University where she serves as an adjunct Professor of Art. Previously, Bradley was the High School Art Teacher at Brookstone School from 2006-2015. She also teaches occasional classes at the Columbus Museum, and has served as an Artist in Residence for numerous places all over the world.

River's Edge

Sally Bradley 2016 Mixed Media on Panel 84" x 36"

Bradley continues to experiment with the deconstruction and reconstruction of memories through her art. In addition to focusing on landscapes and figures, she also accepts commissions throughout the year.

Untitled 2014 Mixed Media on Panel 36" x 36"

Bradley's work is celebrated locally as a unique standout among Columbus' vast collection of fine artists. In 2018, Bradley was commissioned by Together Columbus to paint a mural for their Together 2017 My River Valley art initiative. The mural was inspired by Isiah Harper's poem entitled "My River Valley" and can be seen on the corner of 2nd Avenue and 38th Street.◼︎

Learn More:

For more information about Sally Bradley or to purchase some of her work, visit her website.

Bradley can also be found on Instagram and Facebook.


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