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5 Things We’d Share This Week Over Coffee With You If We Could

Written by Blake Blackmon

I am so excited to be re-kicking off this series we launched during the pandemic. It was born out of a desire of connection. We could’nt get coffee with you, so instead we shared what we would if we could have. Now it’s back, only this time we can actually get coffee! 5 things is all about sharing fun findings, whether they be local events, a shopping score or simply something that brings us joy that we hope to pass on to you as well. We hope you enjoy, and we’ll see you in your inbox next month for the next 5!

In case you haven’t made your way to this colorful, insightful exhibit, now is the time! It offers a comprehensive overview of her extraordinary career with more than 150 objects on display. The exhibit ends September 25th and is FREE! If you happen to have our Volumne II print journal, you might locate a piece of artwork that is veryyy familiar.

So, the first time I had this bagel from Fortune Foods I knew I would be back for more. I highly recommend ordering it on the gruyere bagel (trust me). It’s just so good and so affordable, at $5, yes please. I highly recommend picking up a loaf of their sourdough while you’re there to recreate a version of it at home. I dress mine up with Kite Hill everything bagel cream cheese, pickled red onions, capers and smoked salmon. YUM. If smoked salmon isn’t your thing, you can’t go wrong with their pastries, and they always have an amazing special to try. Run don’t walk.

Ever since we got our new merch I have practically lived in this T-shirt. It’s the perfect weight without being too heavy, I’m obsessed with the shade of green and come on, it’s just so cute. If you’re reading this you probably love the arts as much as we do; why not say it to the world with a t-shirt?

With the busyness of fall season coming up, this feels like the perfect time to share this low stakes high reward podcast. Each episode has a different focus, and the best thing about them is that they are so short! Each episode ranges from 5-15 minutes, and the fact that they are guided makes them feel so duable. I end each episode feeling so refreshed. We all know by now how healthy meditation is for our brains but if you, like me, find it difficult to sit in silence (hello racing thoughts) this is a practical resource to incorporate within your day.

Listen, I love to cook. I have also learned that cooking is quite different from baking. Baking=stress, for me at least, so when a dessert recipe comes along that doesn’t make my cortisol level rise, I hold onto it forever. This is one of those recipes. I was skeptical about the addition of citrus zest, but it ended up making the cheesecake feel light for a dessert that is normally quite heavy. You also could leave it out for a more traditional cheesecake. The recipe comes together quickly and results in a delicious dessert that tastes way fancier than the effort it entails.

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Kristen Hudson
Kristen Hudson
Sep 16, 2022

This made my week! So excited to try all of this.

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