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3 Art Exhibits You Didn't Know Were at Callaway Gardens

The next time you're at Callaway Gardens, spend some time checking out their art collection in and around the Discovery Center. Here are our top 3 things to see!

1) The Art of Athos Menaboni

Athos Menaboni (1895-1990) was an Italian-American artist who merged artistic skills with a keen interest in natural history. Menaboni was born in Livorno, Italy and immigrated to the US after World War I. It was after he moved to Atlanta, Georgia that he met and became friends with Robert Woodruff, one of the founders of Coca-Cola.

According to Callaway's exhibit information, "Woodruff commissioned Menaboni to create numerous birds paintings, many of which were used for the Woodruff family Christmas cards between 1941 and 1984."

So, why is his work at Callaway?

Menaboni and Sara were friends with Cason and Virginia Callaway, the Gardens' co-founders.

Upon their death, their estate was willed to Callaway Gardens.

Included in the current exhibit are items from the Menaboni home and Athos’ studio as well as a number of his paintings.

2) Trailer McQuilken Art

Thanks to artist Trailer McQuilken, the wildflower sculptures in the lobby and gallery areas of the Callaway Gardens Discovery Center represent the rare and endangered species of Georgia.

Callaway's collection was commissioned by Deen Day Smith Sanders (wife of the Day Butterfly Center benefactor) who graciously selected Callaway Gardens as the place it should be permanently displayed.

Callaway's exhibit information reads: "McQuilken crafted the remarkable pieces entirely of copper sheets and wire. He traveled to remote sites accompanied by botanists who carefully extracted the specimens and then he transported them to his studio. After he studied and photographed his subject, the plants were returned and replanted exactly where they were found."

3) The Megabugs Exhibit

Just outside of the Discovery Center, is an exhibit of giant insects for children to enjoy. Located near the playground and under the TreeTop Adventure, Megabugs features more than 70 giant sculptures for children of all ages to explore.

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