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Trey Walker: Studio Sessions From a Distance

Story by: Sonnet Moore

Images by: Trey Walker

Trey Walker, one of Columbus' most well known adventure photographers, gave us a peek into his creative mind this last week. Trey comes off as shy at first, but his ability to connect with others, create conversation, and his love for Human interaction is what makes him that much more special. From travel photography, to branding for many well known companies, to portraiture for locals, families, and others, and even videography. Trey is the true example of believing in a creative community and doing his best to ensure others are always involved. We are honored to know him, support him, and help share his work with you.

Q: How have you adjusted creatively throughout quarantine?

A: It’s been tough. Many who know me, know I’d rather be on the side of a cliff, on a mountain or something other than being locked inside. I’ve spent a bunch of time watching and learning new things, like one light setups for portraiture and how to tie knots for rappelling. It’s not the most entertaining way to keep myself going, but it’s knowledge and will ultimately help grow my creative outlets.

What is your favorite aspect of travel photography?

If I was asked this 2 years ago, the answer would have been short and to the point: traveling is the best part of travel photography. But now, it’s taken on a whole new level, the people, the connections, the relationships, the cultures, there’s so many reasons why I love to do travel photography.

What got you into photography initially?

I don’t really know my real start, I know I’ve always took photos. I did YouTube stuff in high school and then I got a camera in the summer after I graduated and it just kind of took off from there.

How have you grown, not just as an artist, but as a Human, since beginning your career?

I’ve grown a lot, I was once a very shy, reserved individual. Now I’m definitely more outgoing, I’m still reserved I believe but not as much as used to be. I’ve had to learn a ton about business and even just being an artist too. I never considered what I did “art”. But after many people telling me otherwise, I’ve agreed to call myself an artist.

What projects are you looking forward to once things settle down?

I have some photo ideas in mind, but nothing that’s really a project. I like being spur of the moment with some planning. So, the short answer is I don’t have any projects currently lined up.

What inspires you to keep creating?

I think what inspires me most is that the world is ever changing, and I get to attempt to tell that story through images.

What makes Columbus' creative community so special?

I think we all want to “put Columbus on the map”, but more so I think we all have the drive and want to see Columbus become an art city. I believe it’s already starting and we have people like Bo, Carrie Beth, Garry, Jason and more who believe in the movement but it’s up to every single artist to see the dream come to life. ◾️

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