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Top 5 Reasons to Attend ArtWalk 2019

Tonight, Artbeat of Columbus presents a traveling reception featuring various centers of art in Uptown Columbus. The traveling reception will be fueled by transportation from Columbus State University shuttles that will ensure attendee gets to the next location on the tour.

The event is a part of ArtBeat, the annual two-week festival celebrating the arts in our community. Tonight's tour is just one of over fifty events taking place the next two weeks. While this may seem overwhelming, the vast array of events allows ArtBeat to highlight their mission that there is something for everyone in our evergreen cultural community.

ArtBeat's mission is "to engage, energize, educate and evoke reaction" about the arts in our community. Many local residents do not realize the economic value the arts have in our city.

Here are our top 5 reasons to attend ArtWalk tonight:

1) There are nine centers of art participating.

That's right. NINE. This means that in just one evening, you can see some of the top art in our region. It's unlike any other event of the year, and a fantastic way to get a taste of the cultural treasures housed in our city.

Here are the nine centers of art participating in ArtWalk 2019:

• CSU Corn Center for the Visual Arts: - The Bo Bartlett Center • Masters of Russian Realism: The Collection of Wayne Yakes - Illges Gallery • Shebang • Artlab Gallery - Joshua Richmond • W.C. Bradley Co. Museum - Permanent Collection The Do Good Fund, Inc. • CSU Rankin Art’s Photography Center - Jim Gates: Over Columbus TSYS - Permanent Collection Pop Uptown

All locations are listed on the map above. Simply begin at one location and shuttles will transport you to the others during the hours of the event.

2) Free transportation and admission.

Columbus State University is providing shuttles between all of the different locations for the evening. For free. Park your car, hop on the shuttle, and enjoy the evening free of charge. It's a community outreach event, which means all of the art centers are opening their doors for free. There are even free receptions throughout the tour. It's all free.

It's good to know that some artists will have work for sale though. So if you're in the market for a new piece, it's also a wonderful way to survey much of what's available locally right now.

3) See work from some of the world's top artists. No, really.

Some of the artists and collections on display have national and international acclaim. Bo Bartlett. The collection of Wayne Yates. Yoyo Ferro. Julian Plowden.

4) Meet the hip new members of The Columbus Collective at their open gallery and reception.

If you haven't heard of The Columbus Collective, now's the time. The eclectic group of young professional artists, students, and emerging artists is on a mission to make art accessible for everyone in our region. Mediums represented in the collective range from fine art to photography and graphic design. There's nothing else like it locally, and we can't help but support their work.

Their reception is a stop on ArtWalk 2019 tonight. Mix and mingle with the artists, purchase original work, and network at their Pop Uptown reception.

Here are the artists involved:

• Eliza Daffin

• Jessica Kennedy

• Matt McGuire

• Trey Walker

• Charlers Fowler

• Tony Pett

• Gina Tew

• Javon Davis

• Andrew Turner

• Cami Batts

• Elyse Mixon

• Kari Goodwin

• Julian Plowden

• Kate Scrivner

• Rebecca Hucks

5) It's the perfect opportunity to appreciate and support our growing arts community.

If ArtWalk 2019 doesn't convince you that there's something special happening here, nothing will. Columbusites showing up to support our local artists and art houses at events like ArtWalk will only lead to more and more events like this throughout the year.

Science has proved time and time again that the arts make communities better places to live. But in order to have arts organizations pouring into events like this continually, people have to show up to enjoy the product.

It's happening. More and more people in our region are noticing the cultural tide that is rising. With time, every audience is getting a little bit bigger. Every gallery opening sees more foot traffic than the last.

Levanta e Vai” (Get Up & Go) by Yoyo Ferro. Mural at Pop Uptown, 1234 Broadway. Image by Kristen Ferro.

Positive things are happening in our city. Cultural momentum moves communities forward. ArtBeat is proof that it is happening in this place we call home. Consider getting involved. Learn to appreciate what we have here. Take a chance on something new.

Are you waiting to be invited? Consider this your invitation.

If You Go:

What: ArtWalk 2019

When: Friday, April 5, 5 p.m. - 8 p.m.

Where: Multiple locations around Uptown. Meet at any of the locations listed on the map shown above. Shuttles will take you between the locations during the event hours.

Cost: Free!

Contact: For more information, please contact Hannah Israel ( or Susan Wiggins (


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