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Top 3 Reasons to See 'The Little Mermaid' at Springer Opera House

It's time to go 'Under the Sea' with The Little Mermaid at Springer Opera House! The musical is based on the popular Disney movie and runs through March 24 in Springer's Emily Woodruff Hall.

Here are our top three reasons this show is a must-see this month in Columbus, Georgia.

1) The Cast

The musical talent in this production is nothing short of exceptional. Musical Director Debbie Anderson has clearly provided a robust and healthy environment for her singers to thrive as they mastered their roles. Each and every singer on stage executed their musical lines with ease from start to finish – making the entire evening a relaxing and enjoyable experience for all. It's clear that under Anderson's leadership, this was a cast who was emboldened to make each role their own while singing with healthy and effective vocal technique that's sure to last.

Jameelah Leaundra (Ariel) showed a particular versatility throughout the demanding variety of styles and range required by her role. Leaundra's technique is solid, and she knows exactly when and how to use her training to further a dramatic moment in the show.

Her counterpart, Toby Davis (Prince Eric), also showed a tremendous mastery of vocal technique. This was especially evident in 'Her Voice' in which Davis navigated the challenging range of the song with seemingly effortless grace and precision. Davis is a joy to hear and watch on stage, and his dancing was notably polished as well!

Another standout was Jennifer Hope's (Ursula) whose voluminous tone combined perfectly with her sultry, vindictive presence to deliver an ideal villain for audience members of all ages – the evil "queen" everyone just loves to hate!

Sam Bolar (Flounder) was a showstopper with a playful tone that perfectly balanced the comedic demands of the song 'She's in Love' without compromising vocal integrity or musicality for a single second. Children in the audience roared with laughter thanks to Bolar's fun and fearless leadership on stage in multiple numbers throughout the musical.

Jacob Nixon (Sebastian) was also a joy to behold as his vocal proficiency shone in both 'Under the Sea' and 'Kiss the Girl' amidst a sea of gorgeous voices of all ages in the show's ensemble. In particular, the children in the show's youth ensemble showed excellent professionalism and polish well beyond their years.

Last, but certainly not least, was Carter Eldridge (Chef Louis/Ensemble) whose performance of 'Les Poissons' brought the house down. His voice was both accessible and clear while singing French – a feat in of itself – but what really made a lasting impression was his clear mastery of comedy that had audience members of all ages howling as this hilarious song had the house boiling over with laughter.

2) The Lighting

Springer's Scenic and Lighting Designer Matthew Swindell has created an underwater masterpiece with the lighting design for this production. Whether above water or below, Swindell transported the audience to a visual world of depth and reflection rarely experienced in children's theatre. The costumes transformed under the lights as their many different fabrics caught reflections of blues, pinks, greens and yellows. The various levels of color and layering of effects used produced a nearly perfect mirror of the way light reflects underwater. Truly, every scene was a delight to behold as the lighting did nothing but enhance the overall experience from start to finish.

3) The Family-Friendly Experience

It's clear the Springer's administrative team has worked hard to make The Little Mermaid a show that's ideal for families. From the moment we entered the building, multiple friendly faces were there to assist children and parents' needs. Photo opportunities were readily available and a staff member even offered to take a group shot for us all after the show! Snacks and drinks were readily available in the saloon, and the intermission's length took into account the number of young children in attendance who needed to use the restroom and stretch their legs a little in between acts.

In addition to a great experiences with the theatre's amenities, the show also lends itself perfectly to families with children. Though many of the songs are in the original Disney movie, many children will be in awe of new musical numbers they've never heard before. Also, because it's a show designed with kids in mind, multiple kids in the audience were seen dancing in their seats or quietly singing along to favorites like 'Under the Sea.' The entire experience was a joy, and it was clear on the faces of audience members young and old throughout the evening. To top it off, parents could enjoy the show more because the young audience lended itself to a more relaxed environment for all. A win for everyone!

So, whether you plan to attend with someone age 9 or 99, you can be sure a night spent seeing The Little Mermaid at the Springer Opera House will be a night well spent. Don't miss this excellent family show! ◼️

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