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The Water Awaits

It beckons relentless

With its enamoring nature

A steadfast juxtaposition 

Of depth and surface

Always holding more

Than what is seen

Like people

Like Love.

Water grounds 

Though floating away

Escaping into chosen exile

From a world that changes

Merciless ebbs and flows

Raging storms 

And ethereal stillness

Surely the world is

A reflection of the water

Yet far less trustworthy.

The water is also Grace

Meeting us where we are

Offering depth and buoyancy 

To those of us who dare to be

Vulnerable enough to swim

It beckons

Never safe

Demanding respect

Yet awarding with peace 


The opportunity to bask in

Beauty unmatched 

A haven from the perils of the land

The intimacy of water 

A romance of elements

Enveloping vessels 

And people alike

Holding each with 

Unfailing consistency

No matter the storm Like Love

Like grief

Like Grace

Where do we go

When our land is unstable?

When all other elements

Pose a threat?

Where in Creation offers

A respite from the desert?

From one another?









Enveloping Grace

A haven.

The water awaits.

Poetry and Image by Carrie Beth Wallace

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