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The Full Moon Market

Written by Edna Richardson Photos by Lindsey Orick of Idle Plum Design

Did you know that Columbus has an artist market during the full moon? Writer Edna Richardson sat down with Candice Crooke Tilson, owner of Fountain City Mystic and organizer of the lunar event to find out more.

Q: Can you tell me about the inspiration behind hosting the full moon market event?

A: When I owned my Boutique on Tybee Island before moving back to Columbus, the Full Moon was always an opportunity to get together and have a party. I had so many wonderful memories from the island with events centered around the Full Moon. After moving back I struggled to find my place in the creative community so I chose to create a space for others who may be struggling as well.

Q: What types of artists and artisans are you hoping to feature?

A: At FMM we hope to shine a light on fringe/alternative makers and creatives who don’t fit the mold of traditional art markets. All of the quirky, oddities So not your grandma’s craft show.

Q: Are there any specific criteria or guidelines for artists who want to participate in the market?

A: Criteria for this market is to be original! We are looking to showcase unique, alternative creatives, Metaphysical makers, bakers/chef’s, and moon gazers.

Q: Will there be any entertainment or activities for attendees beyond the art vendors?

A: Each FMM typically has food, sweets, and beverage vendors so it’s a great opportunity to grab dinner. We have seats in front of the Fountain City Mystic Bus for patrons to sit and take in the vibes. Party lights, tunes, and lunar themed tapestries set a mood for a night of community and fellowship.

Q: Are there any special features or highlights of this artist market that attendees should look forward to?

A: The Metaphysical has become much more accepted within the mainstream in recent years. Each month I try to collectively feature creatives that complement each other to grow and bring fellowship to the growing metaphysical community in the Columbus area.

Q: Do you have any plans for future editions of the market? Will it happen every month?

A: We started out doing FMM strictly on the Monthly Full Moon the first year. Going into our second year I switched it up and did a New Moon Remix. This month we celebrate under a SuperMoon!

Q: How can interested artists or vendors get in touch with you to learn more or apply for participation?

A: Interested vendors can DM Artist bio and photos to @fullmoonmarket706 on Instagram. Space is limited and we fill up fast.

Q: How can the local community get involved or support this event?

A: The biggest thing the community can do to support FMM is to just show up! Also like, share, and follow @fullmoonmarket706.

Q: Is there anything else you'd like to share about the market or your vision for it?

A: I created Full Moon Market to be a safe space for those who don’t fit inside the box. I was always the “alternative” or “eclectic” vendor at your average art market. Building community with like minded creatives and providing a comfortable space to thrive was always the goal. We are in our 19th month and plan on continuing this alternative night market for the foreseeable future!

If You Go:

When: Friday, September 29th from 6PM-9PM

Location: Cuckoo’s Nest Skate Shop 1326 10th Ave Columbus, Ga 31901


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