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The Columbusite's 2021 Christmas Light Tour Guide

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

Compiled by Blake Blackmon

Audrey Hepburn said, “to plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.” I believe the same could be said of Christmas lights. Driving around our city, taking in the time and effort put into these gorgeous displays, I felt more than Christmas Spirit, I felt hope. Because that’s what passionate time and effort out into any task conveys, hope for tomorrow. Why else spend tenuous hours on a ladder lining your roof in thousands of strands of lights? Merry Christmas Columbusites, enjoy this year’s Christmas light tour guide.

(click the link above to go to Google Maps)

  • 1000 Broadway

  • 2854 Lynda Lane

  • 2715 Lynda Lane

  • 2626 Habersham Avenue

  • 4500 Forrest Road

  • 5784 Ironstone Drive

  • 6513 Clearwater Drive

  • 6023 Morningside Drive

  • 5753 Springhill Avenue

  • 900 Arapaho Ct

  • 700 Sweetbay Parkway

(clickable link to Spotify playlist)

1000 Broadway

First up on our list we bring you Uptown Columbus. Get in the spirit with charming Christmas decor and an impressive row of Christmas trees decorated by various local companies and organizations. It’s the perfect start to our light tour because Fountain City and Iron Bank make excellent local stops for hot chocolate and baked goodies.

2854 Lynda Lane

What could be cuter than a school bus decked out in colored lights?! Not much. This stop has been a tour favorite for a couple of years now. We recommend slowly driving through this neighborhood because their neighbors really showed up as well.

2715 Lynda Lane

Lights, blowups, this house has it all! Any despicable me fans along for the ride? They’ll get a kick out of the larger-than-life minions and colors galore.

2626 Habersham Avenue

Lights and a show! Tune in to 94.9 and enjoy watching elves toss presents over your car as well as Santa himself perched on the chimney.

4500 Forrest Road

This house is all about the larger-than-life blow-ups paired with a lovely light display! We loved the larger-than-life snowman in particular.

5784 Ironstone Drive Returning Favorite! (The Ludy's!)

For those of you who mourned the absence of this favorite light display, rejoice! It’s back and better than ever! The display features over 500,000 lights dancing in sync to computerized music. Simply tune into 90.1 and enjoy the show.

6513 Clearwater Drive, New!

Roll down your window at this lovely stop to take in all the Christmas lights and listen to their festive music. The amount of lights here are truly impressive.

6023 Morningside Drive

Candy Canes, shooting stars and Christmas trees all set to music! Any Frozen fans will love this one in particular. Turn your radio to 88.9 and let it go, let it go!

5753 Springhill Avenue

A Columbus classic! The amount of lights in this area is pretty impressive and extends throughout the whole neighborhood so slow down and make a loop. Light displays are especially colorful and packed with fun details that will make you want to slow your speed for a lap or two around the block to enjoy the views.

900 Arapaho Ct

You’ll see this house shining through the woods before you even arrive! Candy canes line this festive driveway and you can find Santa forgoing his sleigh for a hot air balloon.

700 Sweetbay Parkway

A bit further than our other houses, but well worth the journey. You won’t want to miss this spectacular light show set to music. Some nights the show even involves flame throwers! Tune your radios to 101.1 fm to listen along. Check out their Facebook Page,, before making the drive out to ensure there is a show the night you make the trip! Typically the show starts at 6pm and lasts until 10pm.


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