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The Columbus Collective hosts their fourth show this weekend at Pop Uptown. The show, aptly named PHYSIQUE, highlights the human figure as expressed through sculptures, paintings, and drawings by more than 20 local artists and creative entrepreneurs.

The nature of the show requires a rating of mature, as many of the works of art will depict the human figure in its entirety. In addition to displaying art based on the human figure, professional models will be on site at PHYSIQUE for two live drawing sessions during the evening. Selected artists will participate in the live drawing session, giving guests a chance to watch new art being created on site. It's an art show with an added experience many guests wouldn't otherwise have the chance to see otherwise.

Admission to the show is $2, which gets you in as well as entered for a free art giveaway. At the door, guests can choose to also support The Columbus Collective's initiative for Heritage Arts Center, by donating an additional $2 (or more!) to support the worthy cause. Money raised for Heritage will go towards providing local artists with a new space to create, house, and sell their work. (Learn more about Heritage via our story here.)

The free art giveaway is sponsored by The Columbus Collective and features an exclusive work by local artist Gloria Mani. Mani has donated the painting below for the show's drawing prize. Entries into the giveaway will be compiled into a list at the door of the show, and the winner will be announced on Sunday.

Figurative drawing by local artist Gloria Mani. The work will be the prize for PHYSIQUE's free art giveaway.

Here is the final list of local artists featured in PHYSIQUE:

Gloria Mani

Bo Bartlett

Karen Stewart

Jess Jones

Garry Pound

Susan Dolan

Bunny Hinzman

Johann Mikaiel

Carley Wood

Neely Ker-Fox

Blake Blackmon

Julianna Wells

Kate Scrivner

Jessica Lyn Kennedy

Trey Walker

Olivia Johnson

Rachel Short

Elyse Mixon

Sammie Saxon

Cami Batts-White

Matt McGuire

Tony Pettis

Featuring music by THEMIKEKENN

For more information on PHYSIQUE, please visit the event's page or reach out to The Columbus Collective. ◼︎

If You Go:


When: August 3, 6 p.m.

Where: Pop Uptown, 1234 Broadway Cost: $2, but additional donations accepted. Guests may pay with either cash or card.


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