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Kevan Baxley Talks ‘A Little Night Market’ at No Shame Theater

Written by Edy Richardson

You've heard of No Shame Theater at the Springer Opera House, but did you know they've expanded to offering an artists' market too? Writer Edna Richardson sat down with Kevan Baxley, Rental and Event Coordinator for Springer Opera House, to learn more about 'A Little Night Market' and what types of art locals can expect to find at this new free quarterly event in town.

Can you tell me about the inspiration behind hosting this artist market event?

No Shame has been a part of the Columbus art scene for almost 14 years exactly, and when I took over I knew that I wanted to open up what it meant to be part of the No Shame community. We have so many brilliant performers, but there was a whole untapped area of art we weren't getting to. This is a way to support and promote people who don't want to take the stage, but who still have something to show the world. When Chelle Leary came on in January as my co-host I knew I had the support system to start expanding the reach of No Shame.

What types of artists and artisans are you hoping to feature at the market?

We have some incredible artists coming to this event. Christian & Amanda Hamrick are coming from Eufaula and they're both so talented. Christian makes this raw primitive folk art, and Amanda makes beautiful pieces of wearable art by dyeing with flowers and plants. Campbell Eubanks is a ceramicist from CSU whose work is personal and witty. There are literally a dozen more people coming, too!

All-poof Spit Dream by M. Christian Hamrick, Limited Edition Print.

Are there any specific criteria or guidelines for artists who want to participate in the market?

We're really open to all sorts of things. When we were planning the first market over the summer there was a hope that someone might take a vendor spot and do something a little off the wall with it, so when we were planning this market we built it in. There will be a No Shame Booth where you can get roasted by a No Shame Performer.

Will there be any entertainment or activities for attendees beyond the art vendors?

Ashlyn Flamer will be performing, our friend CJ Jackson will be reading tarot cards, Bongo Bakehouse will be there with yummy baked goods, and we've got a few other surprises up our sleeves.

Are there any special features or highlights of this artist market that attendees should look forward to?

We're creating a big piece of communal art during this market. So in addition to the 15 vendors, various bits of entertainment, and just general fun, we're going to use this as an opportunity to create a tangible piece of art.

Do you have any plans for future editions of the market? Will it happen every month?

Unfortunately, this isn't something we can do monthly, but the goal is to make it a quarterly event. The Springer is a producing theater, and is building 13 shows a season from the ground up. Therefore, our goal with the markets has been to have them organically fit into the schedule when we can.

How can interested artists or vendors get in touch with you to learn more or apply for participation?

Well, we're already booked for this market, but if you'd like to participate in any future events let us know by emailing

How can the local community get involved or support this event?

Please come out! Share a post if you see it, and tell your friends. If you'd like to volunteer to help the night of the market, email us so we can find a way to get you involved.

Is there anything else you’d like to share about the market or your vision for it?

This is a free event for the community! Come just listen to live music, take in the scene, or buy some little things! Then, stay after for No Shame Theater to see what we're all about!

If You Go:

Date: October 6th

Time: 8PM to 10PM

Location: McClure Courtyard at the Springer Opera House.


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