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Top 4 Reasons to See Springer's 'Cinderella' Before it Closes

The Springer Opera House has a current production of Cinderella that has local audience members raving. The show has played to full crowds throughout the holiday season, and has just a few performances left before it closes on Sunday.

Here are our top five reasons to see Cinderella at The Springer Opera House this weekend!

1) The Talent

Springer's casting expertise shines in this production. The cast is one of the most talented casts we've seen hit the Springer stage in years. What's more? They're diverse. Springer threw type casting out the window to showcase the best talent they found. The result is a beautiful menagerie of actors that represent an accurate depiction of what top talent can and should look like on stage together.

In particular, the way the production made space for Cinderella and Prince Topher to shine individually and together was a pleasant surprise. Cinderella's vocal prowess and musicality are consistent throughout the show, as she deftly manages the role's demanding range with effortless endurance. Her grace and beauty are certainly on display, but it is refreshing to have a princess showcased more for her kindness. Though written into the script, Springer's production takes obvious, intentional care in celebrating the character for who she is - instead of who the audience might have walked in thinking they knew.

Springer's Prince Topher is strong and tender with a voice so solidly under control it's striking. A perfect musical compliment to Cinderella, Topher manages his multiple songs steadily and with complete mastery of his instrument. He is, of course, the handsome prince, but he is also a prince that can really sing. We do not always get both, you know. But Springer's Topher is everything the audience looks for in a charming prince. His delivery is steadfast and consistent, his character strongly supported by soaring musical lines perfectly and securely sung throughout the entire performance.

The ensemble is impressive as well. The incredibly diverse and dynamic group of young actors has clearly been in the caring and capable hands of Springer's Debbie Anderson. Musically, they were flawless - even while frolicking about in the townspeople scene, or performing high kicks at center stage at the ball.

2) The Production Design

The set design for Cinderella is brilliantly executed, and it shines under imaginative and exquisite lighting throughout the entire show. Audible gasps were heard in the audience as children watched the trees in the forrest spin to become the columns of the castle ballroom right before their eyes. A similar reaction occurred when Cinderella's carriage appeared suddenly out of the mist just as the Fairy Godmother's *transformation of Cinderella was complete.

*It's helpful to know that the special effects are quiet and beautiful. Not a single child seemed to be frightened by what they saw on stage at any point. There are some moments with bright lights and a little fog, but not a single unhappy sound emerged from a child in the production we saw.

3) The Family-Friendly Content

Springer's Cinderella is the quintessential wholesome holiday family show. It's got everything from to puppets and magic, to giants and true love's first kiss. It's everything a classic fairy tale should be and more. The content is appropriate for all ages, and we saw children as young as four readily engaged throughout the entire show.

*If you're not sure if your child can stay awake long enough for an evening performance, check out the Saturday or Sunday matinees. Sunday's show has a backstage tour option to add, where children can see how Cinderella's magical transformation takes place on stage.

4) The Music

This production's orchestra is hands down, the finest one we've seen at the Opera House in years. Paul Vaillancourt conducts the all Schwob School of Music pit orchestra with the precision and expertise he is known for. Their sound and balance in the house was consistent and ideally matched throughout the show depending on who was singing and how many they were accompanying at the time.

As an added and little-known feature of the production, it's important to know that the pit echoes the production's casting choices as it is comprised of an incredibly diverse group of people as well. The orchestra is holds CSU faculty, graduates, alumni and undergraduate students from Columbia, Honduras, Japan, South Korea, Costa Rica, Russia, Canada and all over the U.S.

Bonus! You've GOT to See the Costumes.

There's nothing like a fairy tale dress, and Springer's Cinderella has several that will make your jaw drop. The costuming is brilliant throughout, but Cinderella's wardrobe is simply swoon-worthy. Every little girl in the audience was starry-eyed as they watched the maid transform into the princess they know and love.

In addition to Cinderella's costumes, the entire production makes use of gorgeous textiles and a color scheme that screams romance and historical accuracy. This was especially evident in the ensemble as shells of one costume were transformed to accommodate the needs of the next scene - without being too obvious or distractingly similar.

In short, Springer's Cinderella was a visual and aesthetic triumph all the way around. Don't miss the chance to experience this perfect holiday outing with your loved ones. Remaining showtimes and ticket information are below. Contact Springer's Box Office at 706-327-3688 for more information, to make ticket reservations, or with any special requests. ◾️

If You Go:

What: Cinderella

Where: Springer Opera House


December 19, 20, 21 at 7:30 p.m.

December 21, and 22* at 2:30 p.m. (*Backstage Tour Add-on Available)

Cost: $20-$48


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