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5 Things We'd Share Over Coffee With You This Week If We Could

Go behind-the-scenes into the "creative diets" of our staff. Each week, we'll share a list of five things that grabbed our attention or inspired us creatively.

ONE: This Fascinating Article from NPR

Image by Francesco Cacchiani/AWA via NPR

This new article from NPR discusses a new Italian non-profit's mission to uncover the lost works of female Renaissance painters. Their work has resulted in several incredible finds, and has brought need and well-deserved attention to the underrepresented female artists of the time period.

TWO: This Easy Recipe for a One-Pan Breakfast from NY Times Cooking

What's better than bacon and eggs? Bacon and eggs done easily, that's what. This recipe has been made several times by our team, and we'll keep it on our list of go-to recipes for decades to come.

Our tip? Use parchment paper for an even easier clean up. And if you're someone who prefers breakfast on-the-go, try making this ahead of time and using it to pre-pack breakfast sandwiches for the week. Our editor stacks this on an everything bagel thin, tops it with a little feta cheese, wraps it in foil, and throws it in the oven for a few minutes before heading to carpool in the morning. For women who are always on the go (like everyone on our team!) it's the perfect way to enjoy a filling breakfast on the run.


We're consistently surprised with how many of our readers have never heard of Pasaquan. The eccentric site is a cultural gem you simply need to see! Make plans to visit now that they're back open again. It's the perfect day trip to add a little culture to your Winter this year. Expect to be welcomed by Charles Fowler, Pasaquan's kind and creative curator. Check their website for current hours of operation and COVID protocols.

FOUR: Our Latest Update on The Art Directory

Over a year ago, we created The Art Directory as a way to connect you, our audience, with local artists and makers in our city. After some extensive research, we've updated it to reflect a more diverse population of artists in our community. We'll continue to revise it as often as needed and hope you'll use it as a living resource to enrich your life with arts & culture. Check it out and start following the incredible work of these locals making waves beyond our river's banks.

*Tip: We've also begun compiling a list of museums and galleries where you can encounter the work of our featured artists! Just scroll to the bottom of this page to see our growing list.

FIVE: This New Local Small Business Offering Custom Tea Parties and Picnics

We don't know a lot about them yet, but this new local small business could be the next big thing to hit our city. (We're envisioning a tea party reunion for our first staff meeting in the new year!) Everything remains to be seen, so we'll keep you posted, but wanted to share about this new option in town for safe outdoor fun.

BONUS LISTING: Say Hello to Our New Instagram Guides!

Looking for interactive information about our community? Instagram Guides are the perfect way for us to provide a living resource for you about arts & culture in this place. Check out the new "Guides" section of our content on Instagram @thecolumbusite to access our Good Food Guide -with links & recommendations to local restaurants! We also created a guide called "Meet the Columbus Arts Alliance" so you'll know exactly where to find our partners in the arts online and in our city!


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