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5 Things We'd Share Over Coffee with You This Week if We Could

This series takes you behind-the-scenes into the "creative diets" of our staff. Each week, one of us will share a list of five things that grabbed our attention or inspired us creatively that week.

Here are 5 things we'd share over coffee with you this week if we could...

One - The Paris Sketchbooks of this Local Artist

We'll be sharing more about Emmie Ruth Wise with you in the coming months, but we couldn't resist pointing you toward her work as soon as possible. In 2019, Emmie Ruth was the second ever recipient of the Suzanne Kasler Scholarship for the Christopher H. Browne Paris Drawing Tour. These images of her Paris sketchbooks from her website are a stunning introduction to the influences of architecture on her work.

Two - The Bitter Southerner's Axioms Screenprint

Bitter Southerner is one of our favorite publications. Their axioms screenprint holds words to live by. We're obsessed.

Three - This Inspiring Bull Rider

Zeke Mitchell is a twenty-three-year-old Texan bull rider that's changing things about the sport in big, important ways. Read Garden & Gun's story on him here.

Four - This Local Specialty Roast

Before quarantine, you could have spotted our editor stopping by Fountain City Coffee for her daily cup of Partners in Crema and morning chat with locals on the way to the office. Then this summer, Fountain City Coffee's new online ordering service introduced her to their Blue Heron blend. The special roast developed for local culinary star 11th & Bay has become a new quarantine staple for her due to its lush, spicy tasting notes and signature fragrance. Test it out, thank us later.

Five - This Trio of Murals Now on Display at the Bo Bartlett Center

E Pluribus Unum (Out of Many, One), 2003

Oil on linen

89 ¼ x 155 ½ inches

Annuit Coeptis (Providence Favors our Undertakings), 2003 Bo Bartlett

Oil on linen 73 ¼ x 147 ¼ inches

Novus Ordo Seclorum (A New Order for the Age), 2003

Bo Bartlett

Oil on linen 89 ¼ x 179 ¼ inches

The Bo Bartlett Center reopens this week, but is available to visit by appointment only. This trio of murals were a commission Bartlett was asked to paint in 2002 for The Offices at Terrell Place in Washington, D.C., named for Mary Church Terrell (September 23, 1863 – July 24, 1954). One of the first African-American women to earn a college degree, Ms. Terrell was known as a national activist for civil rights and suffrage.

The murals were recently gifted to the Center to become part of its Permanent Collection, and they're on display now.

Like what you see? Click any of the images below to view lists from previous weeks!


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