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5 Things We'd Share Over Coffee This Week With You If We Could...

This series takes you behind-the-scenes into the "creative diets" of our staff. Each week, we'll share a list of five things that grabbed our attention or inspired us creatively that week.

These are the five things we'd share over coffee this week with you if we could.

ONE: How to Fail with Elizabeth Day

Blake Blackmon recommended this podcast this week because of its refreshing reminder on how sometimes it's the failures in life that teach us how to succeed.

TWO: This Live Figure Drawing Class That's Happening Again

We shot this video last Autumn, but were thrilled to discover that the weekly class has resumed after the pandemic.The group began meeting again in the last few weeks with social distancing protocols in place. The collection of local artists gathers weekly at the studio of Garry Pound in the Columbus Historic District. Learn more here.

THREE: This NY Times Article on The Importance of Play

Created by Lorraine Sorlet. Source

Kristin Wong wrote this article for The New York Times that published this week. In it, Wong illustrates the importance of play as a part of healthy work/life balance. Yes, even for adults. Especially for adults.

FOUR: How A Virus Might Propel Us Into Hope

Tired of reading about the desolation, isolation, and economic suffocation that COVID-19 has thrust upon us all? Give this article a read for a much needed reminder on the nature of hope.

FIVE: The Work of Local Artist Rani Garner

If you aren't following the work of Rani Garner, now's the time. Known for her brilliant use of light amidst Southern landscapes, Garner's work is sold in galleries across the Southeast. See more here.


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