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               ur work at The Columbusite is only possible through the incredible support of our community partners and advertisers. Without them, we would simply not exist. Arts & culture are an essential part of life in ColumbusGA, and thanks to the support of local organizations and businesses, we're able to work every day to ensure it stays that way. 

We strive every day to make these organizations and small businesses proud. Proud of our work? Sure. But much more importantly, we strive to ensure our work is a positive reflection of this amazing city we're all proud to call home. 

The support we receive comes in several forms: sponsorships, seasonal arts partnerships, and traditional ads. Our sponsors' investments support our work to create content and provide a voice for the arts across our entire platform. This includes (but is not limited to) web content development, social media coverage, event newsletters, web hosting, software costs, etc. All of these elements of our platform are funded through our sponsors. 

Our Seasonal Arts Partners are comprised of arts organizations making an additional commitment to have sponsored content created about their organization's productions, seasons, and/or staff members working behind-the-scenes. These partners also receive additional social media support as appropriate throughout the season.

Our advertisers make our print publication possible. Through their support, we are able to produce additional communal copies of our bi-annual print journal each season. These communal copies are labeled and placed throughout ColumbusGA as an additional way for locals and visitors to find and discover our work and the work of our advertisers. 

The investment our partners and advertisers continue to make in our work speaks volumes about the way the arts are valued in ColumbusGA. This is a special place indeed, and one we're here to continue pouring into for years to come. 

Ever onward, together. 


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