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       e understand that there's a difference between wanting to support the arts, and being able to

       afford to purchase full price tickets all season. Our market research has taught us that many people don't feel comfortable going to an art event alone, and if they are comfortable, many simply cannot afford to pay for a full price ticket to everything they'd like to attend.

Hence the creation of Columbusite Nights.

Our team developed Columbusite Nights to increase arts accessibility in our community. We consider it part of our mission to equip more of you to actively engage in the arts each season. We've created a series of discounted performances and events in collaboration with our local partners, so that you can join us in the audience throughout the year. The purpose of Columbusite Nights is to provide discounted tickets for our readers, so that the arts are more accessible to more of us every season. 


The bottom line: Arts accessibility matters to us, and coordinating these discounts for our audience is a small step toward increased arts accessibility across our community. 

2021-22 Season Dates Coming Soon!

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