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Carrie Beth Wallace

Writer, Founder 

Carrie Beth Wallace is an arts and entertainment journalist with a passion for communicating positive news about local arts and culture. Carrie Beth fell in love with arts journalism while working as a reporter for the Sunday Arts section of the Ledger-Enquirer. 


For several years, Carrie Beth worked to build and maintain relationships with local arts organizations as she ensured their efforts, events, and latest developments were communicated to over 35,000 readers per month. Her effort to provide accessible information about the arts and cultural landscape of the Chattahoochee Valley led to increases in event attendance, cultural engagement, and economic growth across the region. 

Lulie Wallace

Creative Director 

Lulie is a Columbus native, textile designer, and artist who feels strongly about the creative growth of her hometown.  She has two little girls and a painting studio in Uptown Columbus and can often be found eating a stuffed sweet potato at Bare Roots Farmacy. 

Learn more about Lulie's work here.

Sonnet Moore

Creative Director 

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