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'A Thrill Hill Mingle' to Celebrate the Best of MidTown

Moonlit Mingle by Suzanne Reed Fine. | Image courtesy of MidTown, Inc.

The eighth annual MidTown Mingle will take place in Dinglewood Park next week on Thrill Hill. Midtown, Inc. is the beneficiary of the event, and funds raised will go to support their work sustaining and enhancing the neighborhoods and businesses within MidTown Columbus.

MidTown is an area in Columbus that is composed of 24 distinctive neighborhoods - including 6 National Register Historic Districts.

Historically, the Mingle has encouraged guests to move about MidTown and familiarize themselves with the area. Dinglewood Park, the site of Thrill Hill, is among the many popular landmarks that make MidTown the gem that it is in our community.

Image courtesy of MidTown, Inc.

Host sites for previous years have included The Village on 13th, the historic St. Elmo Shopping Center, Mingle on Mercury (hosted by the Goo Goo Carwash, Country’s Barbeque and the Speakeasy on Mercury Drive), Dixon Drive Park in the Wildwood Circle- Hillcrest Historic District; Peachtree Drive in the Wynn’s Hill- Overlook Historic District; Hilton Heights Park , and Little Wildwood Park.

Image courtesy of MidTown, Inc.

A Thrill Hill Mingle is being co-chaired this year by Sara Varner and Caroline Fields, both residents of MidTown. They are supported by numerous volunteers, and have recruited some of the top artists in MidTown to showcase this year.

The poster and invitation for every Mingle is traditionally designed by MidTown artists. This years's image is an original work created for Mingle 2018 by MidTown artist, Julianne David, and will be auctioned off at the event. Graphic designer Cam Addison designed the invitation this year, and was the designer for the original Mingle logo in 2011.

Thrill Hill by Julianne David is the official artwork for A Thrill Hill Mingle. | Image courtesy of MidTown, Inc.

A Thrill Hill Mingle begins at 6:30 p.m. next Thursday, October 11. Tickets are $65 per person and include dinner (beef tenderloin, grilled on Char-Broil Oklahoma Joe's Smokers by Country's Barbecue - Columbus, plus delicious sides), assorted desserts from The Country Club of Columbus, beer, wine, and entertainment by The Chattahoochee Pine Beatles. For Mingle reservations, visit or call 706.494.1663. The reservation deadline is Friday, October 5th.

More about MidTown, Inc.

MidTown, Inc. is a nonprofit, community revitalization organization founded in 2005. MidTown, Inc. is making MidTown even better by working to sustain and enhance the neighborhoods and businesses within MidTown Columbus--through education and advocacy--with respect to community, conservation and diversity. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram for updates on events and developments in the area. ◼︎


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