Serenbe's 5th Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles 2018 Designer Showhouse

Updated: Sep 18, 2018

Nestled in the Chattahoochee Hill Country is a place The New York Times declared "a utopian experiment in New Urbanism being molded out of Georgia red clay."

That place is Serenbe.

What is Serenbe?

Located a mere hour and a half from Columbus, Serenbe is a community focused on wellness in every aspect of life. Its location makes it both accessible and convenient enough for a day trip with family or friends.

Serenbe's focus on wellness as a lifestyle makes it a unique destination with a wide variety of amenities. In any given month, Serenbe's calendar provides an immensely curated selection of events and offerings to its guests. Visitors can expect to find fine art exhibitions, outdoor concerts, organic farming workshops, theatre productions, pottery classes, yoga, and everything in between.

Worth the Drive

If you've been looking for a reason to visit Serenbe's lush landscape and rich cultural community, this Fall is the ideal time to make the drive. In addition to their plethora of regular events, Serenbe's 5th designer showhouse debuts this week for VIPs, and then will be open for public tours for a limited time. It's a chance to see top designers from across the industry working together to create something beautiful. Serenbe's designer showhouse initiative is all about collaboration, because teamwork is a vital part of the Serenbe tradition.

While Serenbe is a place focused on whole living, it has a deeper conquest. The true aim of Serenbe is to be a place where every facet of its well-designed infrastructure is dedicated to the betterment of the community as a whole.

Before you read anything more about designers and VIP parties though, let's get one thing straight:

The designer showhouse is about more than creating a beautiful space.

All proceeds secured from the 2018 showhouse will be directly reinvested in the arts. Proceeds will benefit The Art Farm at Serenbe, an art complex that "provides a place to bring people together in support of the arts, with the belief that art in everyday life can create a greater understanding of the world."

The same heartfelt mission is the fuel behind Serenbe's 5th Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles Designer Showhouse. All of the designers work together to develop a sense of place, and this permeates everything choice they make as individuals and a team. The sense of place that is so pervasive at Serenbe is an enormous part of what makes the community worth taking time to explore.

Take it from the Experts

When Serenbe's Public Relations Coordinator, Stevie Seay, reached out to us about this important annual landmark event we knew we had to find out more information. To get all of our questions answered, Seay connected us with Monica Olsen, Serenbe's Vice President of Marketing who graciously accepted our interview.

Read on to discover how Olsen has witnessed Serenbe's concept for the designer showhouse come to fruition, what she loves most about this year's showhouse, and why Columbusites really should make the drive to see the house and everything else Serenbe has to offer this Fall.

This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

A rendering of Serenbe's 5th Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles Designer Showhouse. (Source)

Q: What led to Serenbe starting these events?  

A: We've been friends with Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles Editor-in-Chief Elizabeth Ralls since before she started her role as editor. The idea was born because we immediately realized it would be a perfect fit. 

Q: What can you tell me about this year's Designer Showhouse? What are some of your favorite rooms?

A: As every year, we're really excited for this year's group of designers and how cohesive the house itself is. As I walk through the rooms, it feels like I can just move right in. Everything flows so well and the designer's use of art is so extensive, which is meaningful to us because we believe art is an integral part of a well-lived life, plus the beneficiary is The Art Farm. One of my favorite rooms is the upstairs bedroom - beautiful pink walls and amazingly patterned drapes. As someone who has 2 boys, it's always fun to see a super feminine grown up girls room. I don't get the chance to do super girly all the time, so this room is very fun for me.

I always love the use of wallpaper. The designers incorporated multiple wal