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5 Creative Solo Excursions in Columbus, Georgia to Enrich and Refuel You

This year, has us all looking for some respite from the world. Fortunately, our city is a place that has much to offer. Here's a list of 5 creative solo excursions to enrich and refuel you. Take the time to take a break and experience something new for a change.

1) Visit an art gallery.

Columbus, Georgia is home to one of the most unique art galleries in the Southeast. Unlike most art galleries, The Bo Bartlett Center showcases the work and life of a living artist. Columbus native Bo Bartlett established the center as a hub for education, events, and yes, a revolving gallery of his work.

It's not all Bartlett's work though. There's currently an incredible exhibition in the front gallery of the 2020 South Arts fellows. (By the way, that's a big deal.)

To add to the uniqueness of the venue itself, Bartlett and his team partnered with renown architectural firm Olsen Kundig to transform an old textile mill into a modern architectural gem. The space is known for its incredible lighting and innovative design which boasts more than a dozen moveable walls and a state-of-the-art storage system that rivals any gallery of its size in the world. In short, Tom Kundig's design of the space makes it a destination even if you're not an art buff. But we'll warn you now, the architectural design's interesting way of complimenting the art takes this gallery experience to a whole other level. There's simply nowhere else like it.

Simply check their hours here, along with their most recent COVID-19 policies. Our staff recommends visiting while Schwob School of Music students rehearse in the main gallery if you get a chance. The acoustics will surprise you. Just ask if anyone's on the books for that day.

2) Eat something new.

When done well, cuisine plays an enormous part in the life of a creative community. Columbus, Georgia is no exception to this rule. Over the past few years, the food industry in our city has experienced unprecedented growth. With the development of three new hotels opening in the next 12 months, we're expecting to see this trend continue.

Every day in our city, local restaurants serve up everything from barbecue to bibimbap. To honor this growth and development in our city, we've created the Good Food Guide. Click here for some of our local favorite hotspots and what we order when we go! Take a quiet solo lunch on a patio somewhere and just mindfully enjoy a meal away from the world!

3) Indulge Your Inner Culture Buff

Did you know that Columbus, GA is home to the second largest museum in the state? Founded in 1953, The Columbus Museum is one of the largest museums in the Southeast and is unique for its dual concentration on American art and regional history, displayed in its permanent collection, temporary exhibitions, and educational programs.

They're also back open with COVID-19 safety protocols in place. Spend a day exploring their permanent collection, and don't miss the opportunity to walk through their Garden as well. It's the perfect place to escape from the world for awhile.

4) Take an art walk.

Levanta e Vai (“Get Up and Go”) – Yoyo Ferro

Located at 1234 Broadway. Funded by Artbeat 2019.

Our community has a large number of public art installations that are easily accessible and free to enjoy. Luckily, a local arts organization called Artbeat put together an Art Walk to encourage locals and visitors to visit as many of them as possible. Build in some intentional time to explore the variety of sculptures and murals unique to our city. Bonus? You'll get some fresh air and a unique tour through the heart of our town.

Want a self-guided tour?

Learn more about the art featured throughout Uptown Columbus by downloading the FREE OtoCast app. This app allows you to take a narrated self-guided tour! Click the link to download the app!

5) Listen up.

Depending on the day of the week, there's a possibility you can catch some of the incredible local musicians that keep popping up around town. Uptown Columbus is home to more and more street musicians every season, and you'll hear everything from acoustic guitar to string quartet depending on the day. Musicians have taken to rehearsing outside and in art galleries, so don't be surprised if you hear a variety of music floating through the air as you explore the city.

Though COVID-19 has most local events postponed, some things are happening. Check VisitColumbusGA's Community Calendar for updates on upcoming events happening in our community.


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